Hey there all you Cap'n fans… This here is Captain Baffo's official mailbag. Every so often he selects one letter from some lucky viewer and answers it personally. We take those answers and post them right here for you all to read. If you have a question for Baffo, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and send it his way. If your question is a good one look for Baffo to answer it soon!

- Baffo Jr.

Dear Captain Baffo,

Do you like N*Sync? Cause they are my favorite band in the whole world and I hear they are Unfrightenable Boy's favorite band too.

Good luck with Lactose Man!


Dear Bobby,

How are you doing youthful civilian? To answer your question most swiftly and in an ultra-blunt manner, no I do not like this N*Sync of which you speak. Superheroes in general are not big fans of Gangster Rap and I am no exception, nubile reader. The message of violence and calling females "Bitches and Ho's" goes against the Superhero code, which I must use to govern my life. But I do see the appeal that these young boys have to the world. While their gangster lifestyles have taken them away from the straight and narrow, where they now play for another team, they at least have the courage to stand up for what the feel to be true. Don't let stereotypes get you down, boys!

Now to answer your question in another, more justifiable way, I mainly listen to the Gypsy Kings. I can tell you that there isn't anything sweeter in the world when those crazy beats come on my personal home stereo. The Baffo cave comes alive and Unfrightenable Boy and I dance long into the night. It's frightening that music this good can exist. If it was any better it would be evil and need to be destroyed. But luckily for them, they are just fine. Other than that, I am a big fan of the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure. Their haunting melodies strike deep in my heart, much like the fear I strike in the hearts of evil!

Thanks for the kind words and support of my campaign against the badness that is Lactose Man. I hope that answers your question tiny reader and don't forget; Stop evil, because evil is bad.

Captain Baffo

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