The people responsible for making Captain Baffo are some of the most creative and talented in the business. Granted I am completely biased, as I am one of these people but nonetheless, we are a fun bunch. Producing these cartoons can be shitty at times so we like to liven things up, and for you, our readers we sometimes take pictures and capture these awkward, embarrassing and sometimes scary scenes. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is a collection of office photos (some are out of the office too but we wont make a big deal aboot it).

- Baffo Jr.
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Working at Baffo Studios can be very, very lonely and we don't have the privilege of hiring interns.

The Yellow Power Ranger (Trini! not that other bitch who took over later) stands guard at the front door.

See... it would be real easy to make a "pussy" joke right here but we'll take the high road for once.

Jeff doesn't really enjoy photo shoots very much. Especially those shoots that make him take off his shirt.

Aaron does enjoy photo shoots. Especially those shoots that make him take off his pants.

The view from Baffo Studios is aaawesome.

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