It all started out as a concept.

An abstract. No form, no substance, just an idea, a dream. On a warm winters day in Arizona, the Brothers Bell, Aaron and Jeff, posted their idea for a superhero on a DC comics web board. That superhero was Captain Baffo. The brothers had been using the name for sometime before that, but until that moment, Captain Baffo was no more real than Michael Jackson's face. The post revolved around Captain Baffo and his trusty sidekick Hanes Grazer. With the use of power and extremely potent excrement gun, the Captain and his ward fought evil and stereotypes. But this incarnation never came to fruition nor got any further than that single mention.

Fast forward to the year 2000. While attending a college creative writing class, the younger of the Brothers Bell, Aaron, got fed up with the terrible stories the rest of the class was writing. After his class and teacher panned his second story (which by the way is one of his favorites), Aaron vowed to write a story so cheesey, so stupid that the class would hate it. For this he returned to the mighty Captain Baffo. Aaron penned a story that introduced the new and improved Baffo as a campy 1960's style TV superhero. Wanting to shy away from blatant homo-erotic overtones, Hanes Grazer was replaced by young Un-Frightenable Boy. And thus the current version of our favorite hero was born. Little did anyone know what this would lead too.

When Aaron finished his story, the tale was almost complete, but it lacked the certain punch that would guarantee the class would hate it. To push the story over the top, Aaron enlisted the help of his brother Jeff. With Jeff's help, the story began to take the shape and take on a life of its own. Finally the day of truth came, it was time to turn the story in. On the day the story was discussed, Aaron walked into class with a smug smile on his face, ready to handle to backlash that was sure to come. But besides not being able to pronounce the word Baffo (Bah-ffo), the class loved it. They had absolutely nothing bad to say about it. Only one person in the class of 20 didn't see the story as the work of satire it was. It was then that Aaron began to see the power that Baffo had.

Soon after, the brothers began tossing around the idea of bringing Captain Baffo and Un-Frightenable Boy to life. Aaron and Jeff began the process of converting the story to screenplay form, with the intention of making a fully live action version. When the logistics of the project hit home, the brothers decided that maybe it would be best to animate the adventures of their hero. Enlisting the help of friends, the two began work on the first episode titled "Lactose Intolerance," just as it was in the original story.

So it beganů

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